Awaroa Bay, Abel Tasman, New Zealand [2448*1836]

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The Awaroa River is a short river in the far north of New Zealand. It is 25 kilometres (16 mi) south of Kaitaia, and flows southwest for 12 kilometres (7.5 mi), reaching the Tasman Sea to the north of the Hokianga Harbour.

Cain and Abel (Hebrew: הֶבֶל ,קַיִן Qayin, Heḇel; Arabic: قابيل، هابيل‎ Qabeel, Habeel) were, according to the Book of Genesis, two sons of Adam and Eve.

Tasman usually refers to Abel Tasman (1603-1659), a Dutch explorer.

Zealand, also Sealand (Danish: Sjælland; pronounced [ˈɕɛˌlanˀ]), is the largest (7,031 km2) and most populated island in Denmark with a population just under 2.5 million, representing about 45% of the country’s total population.

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