1994 Australian GP – Michael Schumacher (Benetton-Ford) [1280×827]

Picture found by the Ditpub “Formula 1” searcher.

Original was/is available from http://i.imgur.com/jQR6E8U.jpg

Back to school with the following…

Australians (/əˈstreɪljənz/), colloquially known as Aussies (/ɒziːz/), are a people associated with the continent of Australia, sharing a common history, culture, and language (Australian English).

Michael /ˈmaɪkəl/ is a male given name that comes from the Hebrew: מִיכָאֵל / מיכאל‎ (Mīkhāʼēl, pronounced [miχaˈʔel]), derived from the question מי כאל mī kāʼēl, meaning “Who is like God?” (literally, “Who is like El?).

Schumacher or Schuhmacher is an occupational surname (German, “shoemaker”, pronounced [ˈʃuːmaxɐ], both variants can be used as surnames, with Schumacher being the more popular one, however, only the variant with two “h”s can also be used as a job description in modern German spelling).

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