2015 Abu Dhabi GP – Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) [5184×3456]

Picture found by the Ditpub “Formula 1” searcher.

Original was/is available from http://i.imgur.com/tpoW2bM.jpg

It might be adequate to write that…

Dhabīḥah (or zabiha, Arabic: ذَبِيْحَة‎ dhabīḥah IPA: [ðæˈbiːħɐ], ‘slaughter'(noun)) is, in Islamic law, the prescribed method of ritual slaughter of all lawful halal animals (goats, sheep, cows, chicken) excluding locusts, fish, and most sea-life.

Nico (born Christa Päffgen; 16 October 1938 – 18 July 1988) was a German singer-songwriter, lyricist, composer, musician, fashion model, and actress who became famous as a Warhol Superstar in the 1960s.

Rosberg may mean one of three things involving the Rosberg racing family:

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